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  • May 2021: NOW we need your support

    Our clubhouse is getting on in years. After more than 25 years, not only the toilets but everything have to be completely renovated. This is a huge pull-up for our club, which is only possible with united forces. There is financial support from the city of Gronau as well as from the country. As an association, we have to pay 15% of the costs ourselves.

  • Take the opportunity and become a sponsor of a piece of the clubhouse.
    You can donate 25 to 500 euros per plot of land.
    Every cent goes towards the renovation of the rooms.

Nachruf Josef Gröning
2021-05-01 11_39_58-SG Gronau.png
  • February 2021: Our clubhouse is currently being rebuilt and redesigned. We look forward to being able to present and make our new premises available to you soon. Clicking on the picture will take you to the current article in the WN.

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